To hire or not to hire? That is the question

The current governments plan to hike employers NI has resulted in over 60% of Manchester businesses reconsidering their decisions to hire in 2010 (according to the chamber 1/4ly economic survey). Many are hoping the conservatives will follow through on their promise to abolish this rise if / once they are in power.

Assuming that you are in the position where you have to recruit, it is essential that you correctly identify what you need and what you will have to pay for the right person.

If you are replacing someone, then think long and hard about the skills they have. Do you need all of those skills? Do you need different skills? Business needs change over time – has your business changed and do you need new or different skills to reflect that?

Remember to be realistic in your expectations. People normally leave jobs to do a similar job with more pay. And the person who has just left you – knows much more than they did when they joined. So if you do want all those skills – expect to pay the same or more than you were paying the person who left.

Finally – if you think you might take a temp on instead of committing to a permanent employee think again! The present government is bringing in laws (poss Oct 2011) that will give temps the same rights to pay and benefits as permanent employees after 12 weeks.

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