So – the press is still focusing on the doom and gloom and seems hell bent on driving us ruthlessly towards a double dip recession for the pleasure of having bad news to write about. I have therefore decided that my comments will focus solely on the good news and there is a lot of good news about.

Like everything in life – if you want to see a negative slant then you can always do that – but where’s the benefit of that. It’s a bit like choosing to believe in life after death. You can choose to believe there is nothing – that there is no point or higher purpose to this life. And you can therefore go through life depressed and scared of dying, and seeing death as a bad thing. OR. You can choose to believe there is something else – that (as is proven now in quantum physics) everything is connected and we live in a world of thought where nothing “dies”, and the mysteries of life will all be revealed one day. At this point no-one can prove either is right – so why choose to believe the depressing option? Never have understood that one.

Well it’s a bit the same with this “recession” – yeah things are tough at the moment for a lot of people. Things could be better. But things could also be worse. We don’t live in a country where children die in great numbers of starvation, illness or war. Most of us have our own homes, and we live in a society where corruption (whilst it no doubt exists) does not prevent most of us going about our daily lives, running our businesses or feeling safe on the streets (in most cases!).

So – we can choose to focus on the negative – and where will that get us?

Well it’s kind of a truism in life but what you focus on you get more of. So – focus away on the negative if you choose – and see where that gets you. I guarantee it won’t be anything good.

Or focus on what is going well in life. Mentally thank the universe, God, yourself, or whoever you feel appropriate, for every good thing that happens every day. Today the sun is shining, my kids went to school with no arguments and big kisses, yesterday I had a great meeting, I got a great email from a friend I thought I had lost, my best friend text me this morning to wish me a good day and a client has just rung in with a piece of business. (Or I could have mentioned that I woke up with a coughing fit at 6am, feel a cold coming on, am really tired and had an appointment cancel this morning). Forget the stuff in brackets – shit happens – ignore it and focus on the positive.

That’s what I will be doing from now on…

PS – funny isn’t it that we have NEVER been busier at work. I wonder what’s causing that then….in a “recession”?? Makes you think…….