I don’t know if you have started noticing people winding down for Christmas yet? No? Me neither. I must say most years by this time I am hearing things like ‘Yes – we do need to fill that position but we’ll leave it now till after Christmas” or sales people saying that their clients are saying that, at the least.

This year there seems to be a real excitement in the air – which is being caused by a busyness in the workplace that is quite different to the last few years. There is a focus on getting as much done as possible before Christmas, rather than a longing to get away from work. And most of my clients and my business owner friends and colleagues, are seeing their busiest December for years.

One of my newest clients (for whom we are recruiting IT staff in Australia currently) is very focused on getting people in place for the New Year – there is no obvious slow down in their business. And actually since they operate a 24/7 IT support function there probably won’t be.

Having said that, I haven’t noticed a slow down anywhere as yet, and that’s a good thing.

However, I am not Scrooge, and I do love Christmas. I believe that it is the one time of year that I can really relax and not worry about what’s happening in the office (because the office is closed). I know many small business owners feel the same.

That’s a blog for another time though – todays message is – December can be the best month of the year – despite everything shutting down for a fortnight. So keep going …we’re not quite there yet!

Next week – we will be on our Christmas do when the blog hits the streets (gotta love technology) – that’s a scary thought.

Have a great week, in fact I wish you the best week of 2014 yet!