With nearly all mobile devices becoming connected to the internet this year it’s no big surprise that digital devices are becoming a big part of the Christmas experience. Whether it’s unwrapping a new tablet on the big morning, or Tweeting “Merry Christmas” to all of your followers: Christmas is becoming digital.

But how digital, exactly?

Online Shopping

This is the most obvious one, and makes Stressmas seem way less… Stressful! Online shopping allows us to browse gifts we may not have considered and at competitive prices – from the comfort of our own homes.

The only downside is waiting to receive your purchase… But let’s face it, this pales into insignificance compared to the stress of high street crowds. How stressful can sitting at home waiting in front of a warm, toasty fire with a hot chocolate really be?

You can stay connected

Upset you can’t see relatives this Christmas because they’re over-seas? One word: (or is it two?) FACETIME! Or SKYPE. I know it’s no substitute for being with loved ones in the flesh, but at least with FaceTime/Skype you can still see and talk to them in High Definition, without the phone call cost.

And not to mention you can’t receive any sloppy “we’ve-missed-you-so-much-look-how-much-you’ve-grown” kisses through a tablet screen.

Christmas Dinner

The digital world can even help you make Christmas Dinner! If you’re not the best cook in the world, you can always cheat. These days there’s this thing called Google that knows everything. Including how to make your Christmas dinner taste edible. Don’t thank me, thank Google!


You can gather all your favourite Christmas songs in one place by making a Youtube playlist to play at the Christmas Party. “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way…”

Christmas Cards

You can even make and customize your own Christmas Cards with websites such as Moonpig.com and Visaprint.com. Once again from the comfort of your own living room. Great for all you creative *cough* lazy *cough* people.

And THIS  Seriously, just click it. You’ll thank me later.

Merry (digital) Christmas!