I don’t know if you, like me, have pondered the question “how to grow your business?” once or twice over the years!!  It is a massive subject and we can’t discuss all the various aspects to it today, but one thing I have noticed over the last hmmhmm years I have been in the world of work is that there is actually only ONE thing that unites all successful companies in the world.

Those companies could offer different products or services, they could be in different markets, they could have different management styles, different marketing priorities, different customer bases……the ONE and ONLY thing they have in common is the ability to hire the exact right staff for them.

Think Virgin, John Lewis, BA, Facebook, Google, Apple, Timpsons.  Where-ever you see a success story – you already know the thing they have in common with every other successful company. 

And the reason that those companies can hire the exact right staff for them is very simple.   They know – and can clearly articulate – who they are, what their vision is and the customers they serve. 

If you pick up the Yellow Pages and stick pins in random pages and then ring those companies and ask them what their vision is – 999 out of 1000 would not be able to tell you. 

That’s why when we work on retainer with clients, and when we run our More Than A Gut Feeling recruitment process training – this is the first thing we start with.  If you don’t know who YOU are as a business, how on earth can you ever hope to consistently hire the right people for your business?

Or develop the right marketing plans?  Or make the right financial decisions? etc etc  - It’s fundamental.

So – have a think about whether you have a clearly articulated vision statement for your business, and if you don’t – how having one could assist your growth. 

If you wouldn’t have a clue how to come up with this – then you might want to attend our next Magnetic Business Seminar – which will be held in July (date to be confirmed).  If you think you may be interested in attending this training then email me with – Magnetic Business Seminar in the subject line and we will let you know when we have a confirmed date. 

And before you ask – our vision is that we want to be the most innovative recruitment company in Greater Manchester, whilst adding unexpected value to our clients. 

You may ask why just Greater Manchester when we clearly work UK wide (and occasionally European wide)?  Well – I think being a household name worldwide might be a little unrealistic at this stage of our growth – however, to be known in Greater Manchester as the most innovative recruitment company – that is do-able.

Till soon

Carole Fossey