You’ve got your new suit on… maybe a slick new haircut. You’ve got all those rehearsed answers to the questions you’ll (most probably) get asked fresh in your mind. Your mother’s advice to “Just be yourself, honey, you’ll dazzle them!” is giving you just the confidence boost you need. And whilst I would say do always listen to your mother (Mothers are correct 97.6% of the time) it’s probably better to listen to us on this occasion.


            There are many articles online that give you advice on how to have a successful interview, and most of them will tell you the same sort of thing: how to dress correctly, do your research, how to relax/be confident etc. However, there are many aspects of an interview that interviewers use to catch people out that most are unaware of. Luckily we at beResources are clued up on this and are willing to share our infinite knowledge with you so you can be more successful with your next interview. You’re welcome!


            The biggest and most obvious bit of advice that articles and your mum will tell you is: “Don’t turn up late!” (Duh!) A lot of people take this advice and understand it as: “Turn up stupidly early.” This is wrong, and almost – but not quite – as bad as turning up late. Just like delivering a witty comeback or leaning in for a first kiss, when it comes to interviews timing is crucial. Being there 10 minutes early is fine, it shows good timekeeping and that you are prepared and ready. 40 minutes early or even half an hour is a totally different story.


This is unprofessional and shows you are not organized and don’t have a grasp on timing, which is important for most jobs. Also, when the employer is notified you’re already here at quarter past 2, when the designated time for the interview was 3 o’clock, they’re going to feel rushed to wrap up whatever business they were handling at that moment. And that will only result in negative feelings towards you before you have even met! It was 3 o’clock for a reason!


It’s also not ideal for the receptionist who has to share a lobby with you in awkward silence while you wait. And it’s scientifically proven that sitting in awkward silences makes the passage of time seem 3x slower. So that half an hour will seem more like an hour and a half… And if you generally feel nervous before interviews anyway, this is only going to make it a lot worse.


Whilst we’re on the subject of receptionists, here’s another handy tip for you: make a good impression to the receptionist. No, not because she’s a young blonde with big *ahem* blue eyes, but because a lot of the time they are actually told to make a judgement on you when you walk in. This is clever because during the interview you are going to act certain way to try and impress the interviewer, but waiting in the lobby you are more likely to be yourself. Therefore the receptionist will pick up on certain personality traits, such as if you act in a rude way towards them. They will then report this to the boss, who will take this into account when making the crucial decision. So don’t be rude. Or pick your nose. Or tap your fingers impatiently.  But seriously, as simple as it sounds, make a good impression to the receptionist.


Another handy tip is that when you are asked if you would like a drink ask for water and not a cup of tea. It’s very common to get nervous in an interview and a symptom of this getting a dry mouth. Sipping water will aid this whilst drinking a hot drink will only make it worse. Also, God forbid you happen to spill your drink, it’s no big deal if it’s only a bit of water. Tea or coffee on the other is a different story. Spilling a hot drink all over some paperwork or even the interviewer isn’t going to make a very good impression.


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