How Not to Do Recruitment

The unemployment rate is the highest for 15 years and we have a  record 5 million people claiming out of work benefits, but there is some good news.  The number of short term unemployed fell by 42,000 in the 3 months to April.  That would indicate that firms are hiring again.  If you need to recruit,  here are the TOP 4 Things NOT to do in an interview.

  1. Failing to prepare.  Remember – an interview is as much about the candidate making a decision about you as it is you interviewing the candidate.  Make a good impression by being prepared.
  2. Don’t be rude.  Some people seem to think it’s a great interview technique to be rude and “challenging” to people in an interview.  Remember – you want them to say yes when you offer them the job!
  3. Beware the “Halo and Horns” effect.  This is where the first thing they say is brilliant / awful – and you then judge the rest of the interview by this initial impression, however much info there might be to contradict this.
  4. Don’t break the law.  This is a tricky one – as many people quite innocently ask discriminatory question/s without thinking.  Make sure anything you ask can be justified in terms of necessity for the role, and that you ask everyone the same personal / additional questions.

If you have never had any formal recruitment training and would like to know how to put a robust system in place – email and ask for our “more Than a Gut Feeling” interview training overview – or call Carole on 0845 124 08454