Have you ever noticed that some inventions or innovations just flop and die and others really take off?  Have you ever wondered why that is?

If you are in business then you probably have identified a unique selling point or two to differentiate you from the competition, or wish you could. 

So – this might help. 

The innovations that die are those that the INVENTOR thought was a great idea (think Segway or New Coke).   The innovations that take off are the ones that solve a current problem or pain (think the light bulb or Google). 

The greater the pain, the more likely an invention will succeed.  Think 3G phones.  When they were first launched they flopped – partly because the infrastructure wasn’t there to support them – but also because the consumer didn’t really know they needed the technology. 

Managers need to have good organisational ability.  They must look at and manage the detail – “if it can’t be measured it can’t be managed” is a truism in man management.  But you see Entrepreneurs just don’t get excited about the detail.  Managers need to communicate well with their team – they need to ask the right questions and listen to the answers, they also need to listen to the questions their team ask them and decide the best way to phrase the answers – with a mind to how the information  might be received. 

Entrepreneurs don’t have the mental time for that and just tend to tell it how it is – when they remember to tell people at all that is.

So – I guess today’s message is – if you are an entrepreneur – and your business is big enough to afford it – hire a manager.  Stick to doing what you are good at – creating stuff, strategic thinking, inventing, holding and communicating the vision of the Company, inspiring people with your endless energy, your passion, your dreams, your plans. 

At beResources we have a variety of tools which help us to identify your true calling, your path of least resistance, and that of your management team.  You know that feeling you get when you do that thing that YOU do brilliantly.  Whatever that is – that is your path of least resistance.  You need to be doing that all the time, because a. it will make you happy and b. it will make you money. 

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Till soon