When I started my first business in May 2001 – I had no money (2 months bills money in the bank), no office, no advertising budget, no contacts to speak of and I had no clients. I also had a husband who was on part time hours and an 18 month old little girl. Oh and did I mention – no car because I had to give my company car back and couldnt afford one! So now I’ve gone back to something I used to do…

So every day rather than thinking of all the disadvantages and problems I was up against, I wrote in my diary when I finished work everything that had gone well and what I had achieved that day. Whether that was winning a new client, arranging a client visit, arranging an interview – or just putting 20 new clients on my list. Whatever – just so I could see that I was moving forward every day. I found that diary over Christmas, and I have started to do it again – and so far the year is going better and better each day. Amazing isn’t it – when you focus on the good stuff more good stuff comes along?

So what are you focused on? How bad the economy is? Where you are going to find this months mortgage payment? How all your customers are cutting back/not paying you on time? How difficult everything is? Or how about – how great your life is. There are good things happening every day. Sometimes its hard to notice them amongst all the challenges. My suggestion? Take the time to notice and watch the good things grow slowly, day by day.

Have a great day, week, month and year everyone!