And here we are again – it has been tough enough during the “growth” years to deal with the ever increasing amount of red tape and business regulations the Labour Government thought fit to introduce . Anyone would think they didn’t want business to make a profit – or thought that all profits made should be for the good of central government or something 
However, we haven’t seen the end of the Labour legacy of new employment legislation yet.
By the end of tomorrow, a load of new stuff comes in – that if you are not aware of it – could lead you up the path to an employment tribunal.
So – you can’t ask anyone to retire, you have to be careful if asking anyone approaching 65 if they plan to leave, fathers can have 6 months off work to look after their kids and employers have to pay another 1% stealth tax – oops sorry – I meant National insurance.
A major survey of UK companies, seen by The Daily Telegraph, also shows more than two thirds of employers believe scrapping the default retirement age could “damage economic recovery and job creation” over the next 12 months.
Some 61pc believe the new paternity leave rules could affect their ability to grow, the study of 500 companies by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer revealed.
The findings back up research from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), which yesterday warned the majority of businesses believed new fathers’ rights would be “detrimental” to their companies.
One wonders what happened to the “motarorium” announced for small business to shield them from new employment regulations? Apparently – that was yet another headline grabber without any legs – as it certainly doesn’t apply to this round of fresh legislation.
David Frost, director general of the BCC, said: “Unless practical steps are taken to help free businesses from red tape, the burden on employers will only increase, and barriers to job creation and economic growth will remain.”
And we’ve not even talked about the new visa rules for overseas workers and the introduction of a new bribery regime.
With an expected rise in interest rates side by side with gathering inflationary pressure on costs, it is amazing that business owners are not all giving up the ghost and looking for a job.
The coalition came in with a promise of less regulation – well – you know what – whatever you might be doing behind the scenes – less regulation is NOT how its feeling on the front line.
Vince and David – listen up! SME’s, which make up the vast majority of business in this country – whom you are hoping will take up the slack you have created in the public sector by creating more jobs – will ONLY do that if they feel comfortable about the future.

This really isn’t helping guys!