With the New Year (and the recession?) well and truly over,  many companies are once again turning their thoughts to recruitment. New year new recruits?

Do you have the time and the skills required?  There are many more candidates on the market than normal and many are indiscriminately applying for anything  – “its in my town so I will apply for it” seems to be the mentality.  So – do you have time to go through 100’s of CV’s?  The other problem is panic hiring – ie the vacant position has caused problems so it’s  now essential to recruit.  It is also essential to get it right! Make sure you have a proper process and quantifiable criteria to assess against.

We are hearing of more cases of tribunal based on “discrimination in an interview”.  It is easy for a candidate to bring a case as it costs them nothing.  Unfortunately – it is often cheaper for a company to pay off the individual than pay the  legal fees to defend the tribunal.  GM Chamber and FSB members are automatically covered for legal expenses in cases like these but an award against you can damage your reputation as an employer.

Our advice – unless you are an expert in recruitment – hire one!