About us

Formed in 2001 and incorporated in 2002, beITrecruitment Limited trading as beResources specialises in solving recruitment problems for clients in the areas of Sales, Marketing, IT, Banking, Secretarial and Admin.

Why Us?

We use a copyright competency based interviewing system – known as IBIS to ensure we have a culture fit as well as a skills fit. We all know people who have been for an interview and even got a new job based on having the right skills – only to leave shortly after because the culture fit was not right. Our candidates are matched properly and we only recommend those we know are a fit. And we back this up.

Our unique 100 day replacement guarantee – means you never have to worry about taking on the wrong person again. Obviously we could not afford to offer this kind of guarantee if we had a high drop out rate – that would not make good business sense.

We only take on one new role per consultant per week – which means that you get a dedicated focused service – you get priority on all candidates – and your job gets filled. Isn’t it annoying when the candidate you want gets a job elsewhere through the same agency??? We don’t feel we could represent you properly if we were working on competitive jobs at the same time

Wherever possible we visit our clients so that we can accurately sell your opportunity to potential candidates and ensure the right people are put forward for the environment.

Our consultants are not targeted on sales calls or interviews – so you won’t get pestered by phone calls or have your time wasted by unsuitable interviews. We work on quality. Our aim is to save you time and stress, not to add to it. Our consultants are all very experienced – you are talking to people who know what you are talking about and can actually help.

We are all experienced recruiters (though we don’t like to admit to being more than “30-several”), who would like to help you – whether you are a recruiter, a recruitment manager or a business owner who needs to add to their team.  If we can pass on some seeds of wisdom that will help you pick your way through the minefield that is recruiting in the UK, and make the process just a little bit easier and maybe a little more fun, then we will be happy with the results.

PS – don’t worry if you see “justaboutbags” posting comments on here – our MD runs a few companies!