As a candidate of beResources this is what you get:

  1. The right job with the right environment at the right time
  2. Support when you need it (before an interview / after an offer etc)
  3. Help with your CV
  4. Honesty

How can we make those promises? Because we can prove it.


We operate a copyright behavioural interviewing system – as you will appreciate, skills might get someone a job but only the right culture match will keep them in the job – and that is what we specialise in.

Many of our candidates have been with us for many years – and come back to us each time they want a career change. Our advice is often to try and resolve the issues they have in their current job as the grass is not always greener. However, if a move is the right choice for our candidate then we make sure we understand what it is that they are looking for so that they can grow their career in their chosen direction.

A recent example of how we help would be Tina – who had no previous experience of working in a banking or financial environment but wanted to begin a career in that area. She was interviewed by our senior resourcer who felt that Tina had the attributes to do well in a customer support role at one of our building societies. Tina met one of our consultants who spent time with her ensuring that she had thought through what she wanted and why she wanted it and was fully committed to going forward for the role. We then discussed Tina with our client (note we did not send a CV and wait to hear) – and due to our track record with them and understanding of their needs, they agreed to interview Tina. She was successful in securing the job and has just completed her first year with the company who are delighted with her.

Because no-one at “be” is paid on interviews we do not arrange any interviews that we do not feel will lead to a placement. We also do not send CV’s in most cases. What we do is send 1 – 3 people who can all do the job. Therefore we save our candidates a lot of wasted time going to interviews “on the off chance” that they will be right

We generally work with our clients exclusively which means that you are not competing with other agencies candidates and if you can convince us you are right for the job then you have good odds on being successful in front of the client.

Finally we are honest – if we don’t have anything for you at the moment, if we feel you need to change your CV, if we think you are being unrealistic in your salary or job expectations, if we have concerns about your presentation / interview skills – then we will tell you. How else can we help you acheive the result you want? Feel free to ask to speak to our existing candidates – we can send you testimonials on request.