Testimonials From Clients


Emma Cross

Sales Manager at Emergent Crown

‘After working with many agencies over the years, I can categorically state that beResources are the best agency I have worked with.

When I was first introduced to Carole at beResources, I immediately felt I was dealing with someone who knew their stuff and would be able to work with me, in the way that I needed to work. I am always very busy and the one thing I really don’t have a lot of is spare time.

Carole, and the team at beResources went out of their way to understand the type of person we needed – from an experience and background point of view, but also from a culture match perspective.

Over the last 4 years they have worked hard to find us ‘needles in a haystack’ and I always know – if I get a CV sent over to me, I won’t be wasting my time to schedule them in for an interview. I can’t think of a time when I came out of a ‘beResources’ interview wondering why I had been sent that CV – something I frequently thought before working with “be”.

One thing I really like about them is that they won’t send me cv’s for the sake of it. If they don’t have anyone up to the job, they would rather send no cv’s and keep me informed about the search rather than wasting my time.

I would highly recommend any business to use Carole and her team to help find the right people for your business.’


Maria Whitehead

“I loved the seminar that Carol gave, especially as I nearly didn’t attend as I thought I knew about recruitment and didn’t feel it was relevant, but I went along as it was the first Networking Event like this that I had attended and wanted to see what it was all about – the Seminar was greatly entertaining and full of such relevant information that I was quickly taking notes and mentally berating myself for making the same pitfalls that we all do when hiring new staff – I will now re-think the whole process as a result”


Nick Burke
Team Leader at Zen Internet Limited  
“I have used Carole’s services on numerous occasions in my capacity as the line manager of the IT Support team at Brother. She has always provided the right calibre of candidates, always only sent staff for interview who are the right ‘cultural fit’ for the company, and always communicated with us with honesty and integrity throughout the recruitment process. Recently, I was given notice of redundancy from my position, and Carole was very helpful as well as knowledgeable in providing me with advice on preparing my CV and for interview questions. I would strongly recommend that if you have staff requirements, give Carole a call!”
Amanda Gilbody
“I knew Carole would be good having read her book – but i was blown away by just how good! Having a staff shortage in our family business was not such a bad thing as i took this as an opportunity, with Carole’s help, to see where we are, where we are going, and we want and need from our new employee. I am now confident in advance knowing we are going to recruit that crucial right person which is imperative in any SME, and i am looking forward to developing our next phase – a 6 month plan to get all our HR in place too. Carole you are without doubt the strongest ally any business could have and i look forward to updating this recommendation down the line with the proof of results. Thank you so much from everyone at Charles Wilson Auto Engineers!”


Philip Drazen

Solicitor and Business support specialist. Helping Business Owners/Directors to manage their daily business challenges.

Carole is switched on, articulate and totally professional. She understands the commercial requirements of taking on staff, and why the cultural fit is the most important.



Andy Preston – Top Recommended UK/Global Sales Trainer

Professional Speaker, Sales Training, Sales Motivator & Trainer, Cold Call Training (275+ recommendations)

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Carole Fossey. She’s successfully recruited staff for my organisation on a number of occasions – with great results. I’ve also recommended Carole to a number of my clients and always had great feedback on her approach and ethics, the candidates she’s provided, and the ‘fit’ between the candidate, the management, and the company itself. Highly recommended.