Do not buy twitter followers!

I wonder if you, like me, think it is fairly obvious why it is a bad idea to buy your Twitter followers. Unless I’m missing something, I do not see what there is to be gained from paying for followers. Let me elaborate on why it is a good idea that you don’t buy twitter followers.

The short version: it gets you nowhere.

Don’t be under the illusion that your business will appear more successful if you have thousands of followers. If they are real followers then yes – of course.

But if you have paid for them it actually has the opposite effect. It is quite obvious they have been bought as 98% of them are fake profiles that have been made for this purpose. They normally have strange looking names, no tweets, no followers and a picture of an egg as the profile picture. If somebody checks your followers (which there is a good chance they might do, to see if you have anybody worth following) it isn’t going to create the right impression for your business and you will lose your reputation.

Purchased fans will not increase your business in any way. Even if it does gain the attention of other people who become “real” followers it will not increase the page views or engagement. What’s more important: having 10,000 followers, or having 100 that you actually engage with? Quantity over quality.

Reviews are more important than followers – as follower count alone does not quantify how successful your business is.

You could also end up spamming your real followers which can be very annoying and in turn could end up with them unfollowing you. Twitter Follo    wer services ask to access your Twitter account to send out multiple messages advertising their way of increasing people’s followers. You will end up gaining lots of eggheads (that’s what we call the fake profiles with the pictures of eggs by the way) and losing real followers.

You’re also scamming your own business. A good analogy of this logic is that it is like cheating on a test. You will get a good grade (or lots of followers) but you will have gained no new knowledge in the long run (no new business.)

If you’re not buying them for business purposes and are doing it to look like you’re really cool and really popular then you may want to revaluate your life and maybe get out more 

But either way… it is a waste of time.

dont buy twitter followers

Tom Duffy