Top 5 Reasons Your CV Gets Shredded Number 1

The number one reason your CV fails at the first hurdle is how it looks. You have heard the expression – first impressions count? Well – it applies to CV’s and much as it does to people.

If your CV is difficult to read, has too many typefaces, not enough white space, poor punctuation, spelling or grammar (or all three) – or it is just TOO hard to find the relevant information then guess what? It goes to the bottom of the pile, the ‘No’ pile or the shredder.

You might think that’s unfair – but if you are a HR person, a hiring manager or a recruiter, faced with 50 CV’s – and you can get rid of 20 of them because they look poor, then you will. And you will ONLY go back to them if there weren’t enough good candidates in the easy to read CV’s.

So don’t under estimate the importance of this point. Ignore it at your peril. Get it right and you have just evened the odds of getting though to a short list.

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