Over the next 3 Fridays we will be looking at the top three big reasons that recruitment goes wrong

Today – reason 1 – people are in a hurry.

Didn’t your Mother ever tell you – more haste less speed?

Mine did – but that doesn’t always stop you does it?

You know what it’s like when you are busy? There is always too much to do. And taking time out to plan what might happen and what you might do about it if it does, is not high on your priority list.

So what happens?

One day you come into work and your best salesperson / your PA / your sole IT person in the business resigns. You spend all morning trying to persuade them to stay – perhaps chucking more money at them, promising promotion, etc. Sometimes that works, but invariably only short term.
Mostly it doesn’t.

So – you are in a mess. You rush it. You take the first person that comes along (probably through a recommendation or someone you know) that looks like they can do the job.

And then you breathe a huge sigh of relief because you have solved the problem. Haven’t you?
Probably not.

In a small percentage of cases you might fall lucky and by accident have appointed the perfect person.
But in the real world, what generally happens is that three weeks or three months later, you realise that the person you hired is not up to the job, or they don’t fit into the culture, or they don’t have the skills you actually needed.

If only you had stopped for a minute to breathe in the mad rush of solving the problem.
Has that ever happened to you? It is ALWAYS a mistake to rush recruitment.

Next week, we will look at the 2nd biggest recruitment sabotager!

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