The 5 Top Reasons Your CV Gets Shredded Number 5

Right. Your CV looks good and you have cleaned up your social media act. You have made sure there are no ‘omissions’ or errors on your CV. And you have taken the time to tell me about the value you add to your employers, not just the tasks you are able to complete.

Making sure of the above means that the 4 biggest reasons your CV ends up in the Shredder are NOT going to happen to you. Well done.

Don’t get too complacent. There is one more sure fire way of getting your CV put in the shredding pile and you never get the opportunity to go forward for your dream job.

Don’t answer your phone or your emails.

I know – that sounds stupid doesn’t it. Welcome to my world! You would not believe how many times great candidates (well great on paper) apply for a role, send their CV and then……disappear. The number on the CV is a dead line. Or it goes straight to voice mail and the recruiters message is never answered.

So, please make sure – when you have taken the trouble to send a great application for a job, you answer your mobile, or at the very least return the call within 24 hours. And make sure you check your email regularly and respond.

Because – a lot of times in recruitment its all about speed. This is not a recruitment company problem – this is a hiring manager problem. Recruitment is usually a reaction (to someone leaving or a new contract), and very rarely a planned activity. Therefore the hiring manager (and the recruiter if they are using one) are under pressure to get the role filled ASAP.

If you are not around when they try and contact you, or at the very least you don’t ring back quickly – someone else will get the interview slot.

So – don’t waste your time (or someone elses) by applying for a role if you are not able to respond quickly. If you know if will be tricky for you – put that on your application. A covering note saying – I am really interested in this role but am not able to answer my phone or personal emails at work. Therefore if you need to speak to me please call me at 6 – 9pm, or leave a message and I will call you back then.
So there you have it. The Top 5 Reasons CV’s end up in the Shredder…..make sure yours isn’t one of them!