We talked last week about inducting new employees.  Sometimes – who am I kidding – a LOT of business owners time in our busy lives running businesses, it is hard to find the time to put your head above the parapet and think about more than the day to day detail.  It’s always worth it when you do.

This week I received a message from a good friend of mine, Public Speaker and Master Magician – John Hotowka.

I asked John if I could share his wisdom with you – because you know – sometimes you don’t need to re-invent the wheel and sometimes other people say things that you just couldn’t put any better.

So – with John’s permission – here are his thoughts on the 10 things he would have told his younger self if he could go back in time.

Lately I reflected over the years and wrote down what I know now that I wish I’d known 25 years ago.   Well, here’s my 10.5 top nuggets of wisdom I’d have told a much younger John Hotowka all those years ago and I hope Carole some or all of them will resonate with and maybe even inspire you.


1)  Learn from yesterday, prepare for tomorrow, do what you can today.


2)  If something you don’t like happens, it’ll pass.  If something you do like happens, it’ll pass.  Life doesn’t love or hate you, things just happen, it’s not personal.  Live with it, move on.


3)  Know the difference between helpful and unhelpful fear and act accordingly.  An example of helpful fear is when an animal such as a rabid dog threatens to attack you; run away.  An example of unhelpful fear is being afraid of rejection such as asking someone out on a date or for help; in those cases face the fear and… JUST DO IT!!!


4)  Be kinder than necessary to all you meet, because EVERYONE is fighting some kind of battle. 


5)  It’s OK to say no.  NEVER feel guilty saying no.


6)  Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, often.  No need to have a big party, although there’s nothing wrong with that.  At the very least give yourself a pat on the back.


7)  Laugh and smile as often as you can, even when you have nothing to laugh or smile about.  Joy, gratitude and pride help create a positive focus.


8)  If you can’t help someone you’d like to help, don’t feel guilty.  Also, if you ask for help from someone and they refuse, don’t take it personally.


9)  Accept yourself for who you are warts and all.  Don’t dwell on your flaws just be your own best friend.  If you do something wrong or make a mistake don’t beat yourself up instead pick yourself up, focus on what you can do and encourage yourself to carry on.


10)  Respect the beliefs of others who’s to say you’re right or wrong.


10.5)  Above all, keep the faith.  Even in your darkest hour believe what is happening is for your highest good, it usually is.


If you’d like to know more about Johns magic – or his after dinner speaking – go here www.hotowka.co.uk


Great set of tips John – thanks very much.


What would YOUR top 10 tips for your younger self be – or for future generations?


Feel free to share

Carole Fossey