Political Correctness Gone Mad… We are used to this aren’t we?

People in ivory towers with nothing better to do than make up stupid regulations which do nothing but make people’s lives more complicated than they need to be. It is a mad world where you have to regulate and legislate for things that should be common sense.

OK – I accept the point that not everyone has common sense these days – but that doesn’t mean we need regulations about the jingles on Ice Cream Vans, or bells on push bikes. Because when you do that – you then create little Hitlers. People who think it is their moral duty to implement the petty regulations and God HELP anyone who dares to step out of the boundaries. (If you know me well – you will know what I think about boundaries and other self limiting beliefs).

So – get to the point Carole, I hear you say.
OK I will.

Today – a close personal friend – who shall remain nameless in case the pc police at their workplace are reading this Blog – told me the following.

Yesterday they were walking down the corridor with an A4 sheet of paper with some organized dates of social events to put up in the kitchen so everyone would know when they were.
Seems like a good idea to you and I? Everyone goes in the kitchen at least once a day to make tea / coffee / lunch etc It would seem the perfect place to put up a small poster reminding them of stuff they may want to participate in.

Apparently not.

Well – not with cellotape anyway!

As this friend walked past the office managers room, out came the words “and where do you think you are going with that?”. “To the kitchen?” replied my friend. “not on my watch you’re not” – came the response (or words to a similar effect).

Apparently – now listen carefully all you business owners with kitchens cos this will apply to you – APPARENTLY CELLOTAPE IS UNHYGIENIC and therefore cannot be used in a kitchen.

So – my friend got a nice shiny, hygienic, metal stand (which obviously costs a lot less than a roll of cellotape) to put up their social agenda with.

Help me….please, someone help me……….